The Western Plains Zoo is a ‘must visit and see’ when you are in Dubbo.

Here are a few tips to experience the best coach tour of your Dubbo Zoo visit:

Brian and Mary promise you will enjoy the best tour of the Dubbo zoo.

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A relaxed coach tour, the opportunity to meet many wonderful animals, guaranteed to make you feel good so close to nature.

Brian and Mary keep an eye out for the feeding times. They are most entertaining time each animal has something special they do during the feeding time.

One of the favourites are the tiger, elephant, hippopotamus and siamang apes. The tiger has to climb a pole to rip a raw chicken out of a hessian bag.

The elephants do some tricks including ‘smelling’ for food. The hippopotamus opens its mouth wide for the zoo keepers to throw hay in. The otters are a great hit at feeding time as they go chasing prawns.

The Siamang Apes are crazy and fun. They put on a spectacular show to mark their territory.