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Corporate coach & mini coach hire, conferences, office functions

Our corporate clients expect comfort, luxury and cleanliness. So as to arrive at their destination feeling fresh and focused. That’s what our corporate luxury coaches offer ...

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Corporate Bus Hire and Luxury Coach Hire ... just call Brian on 1800 444 700

Luxury, air-conditioned comfort - the cleanest Coaches in Sydney

We pride ourselves on having the cleanest coaches and buses for hire in Sydney. Every one of our luxury coaches for hire is given the beauty treatment.

We have developed our own techniques from systems used by professional detailers of passionate car enthusiasts,

We use these techniques to great effect on the coaches and buses, we use on our holiday coach tours and the corporate, social events and wedding coaches.   With the improvements in vehicle paints we no longer use rubbing compounds, leather chamois ... we now use blocks of paint-cleaning clay, microfiber cloths, leather conditioners and chemical paint cleaners.

We use the brushes and air compressor to blow dirt from difficult corners of the coach to the middle of the carpet, so we can vacuum up the dirt. Stiff brushes also loosen any dirt from the carpets and upholstery.

The cleanest holiday coach tours in sydney

We also use compressed air from a small, portable compressor to blow dust and dirt out of heating and air-conditioning ductwork, the walls of the ducts behind the vent grilles, where dust and dirt can stick. We regularly change the air filter to insure the air is clean for you

We care for the environment, that’s why we are meticulous in the equipment and materials we use.

We use non-acid solutions to clean dirty tires and get stubborn brake dust off wheels. We clean the wheels and tires before we clean the vehicle to protect the vehicle's paint finish.

We still hand wash our coaches with a car wash solution to help preserve the paint finish. We then dry the surface with a rubber-blade squeegee. This is followed by cleaning the paint by rubbing a small block of paint-cleaning clay lubricated with a liquid cleaner wax.

We then polish the paint surface to make sure the paint is shiny and protects the paint,

The wax will absorb stains and small scratches, we do two coats of wax to cover any areas we missed the first time.

And most importantly the glass areas of the coach and buses for hire. For that, we use glass cleaners without ammonia, and to achieve the best look we buff the glass with a microfiber cloth, inside and outside our beautiful coach, until it’s good enough for you to see :).


Safe, reliable and mature drivers ... they love what they do

Our proud Coach drivers are not just drivers, they go beyond the job description to ensure our passengers have the best experience on their journey, they are great drivers, they love what they do ... our drivers are safety minded and really care.

They’re personable, they interact to make every passenger feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated. even before entering you step into our luxury coach. The friendly welcoming, smile goes a long way, our passengers remember kindness and friendliness.


Our Coach Tour drivers are trained and keep calm under pressure. ensuring the safety of our passengers. Being able to make rational decisions under pressure is a key quality in great bus drivers.

Our team of Coach Tour drivers are respectful of others. We carefully select our drivers we particularly look for a safe driving record, qualifications, fitness, alertness, experience, attitude and maturity ... The licence must meet local and regional requirements.

The driver must be mature and experienced, must have several years of driving similar types of buses and coaches, a reviewed driving history and driving references.

We then personally test and make an on road assessment, and if successful we then employ them for a trial period. We give preference to drivers who are knowledgeable of the region.

We then train them to meet our stringent specifications, particularly safe driving, with an emphasis on alertness and fatigue management. a familiarization period to learn and understand the handling characteristics of the vehicle ... and that they are able to interact with their most valuable cargo ... you :)

Join our club and collect points you can use on your next coach tour

Frequent Tour Points (FTP)

Every time you pay for one of our Tours you will receive points.
How are the points allocated?
1 Point per Person, per Day.
An example is, if you come on one of our 1 day Tours, you would receive 1 point per person. If you go on our Tassie  tour you will receive 10 points per person.
How Long Can I Keep My Points?
Your points will stay with you as long as you are a current member of the Holiday Coach Tour Club. To maintain membership current you must come on a Tour or book a group at least once in a 24 month period.

Can I Transfer My Points?
Yes, as long as that person is a member of the Holiday Coach Tour Club. You can combine your partners points or as a group combine your points so a person or couple can attend one of our Tours as a gift.

How Can I Receive Extra Points?
If you organise a bus from Holiday Coach Tours for your work's Social Group etc., you will receive points. or, if you organise a group to go on one of Holiday Coach Tour Package Tours, you would receive 1 point per paying person, except if they are a member of the Holiday Coach Tour Club and wish to claim the points for themselves.

When Do I Start Collecting Points?
As soon as you join the club, you start collecting points towards your next Tour. If you are on a 2, 4, or 9 day Tour the points start the day after joining.

How Do I Become a Club Member?
All you need to do is to come on one of our Tours and fill in the Club Application Form.
Terms And Conditions
" Points cannot be redeemed for money.
" Points can only be used for 1 and 2 day Tours.
" A limited number of seats on each Tour will be allocated for points.
" Your points will be shown on your next Club letter.
" These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.
" 15 points required for a 1 day Tour
" 28 points required for a 2 day Tour and the single supplement fee applicable for that Tour will apply or take $150 off the price of any one of our tours.

Fastidiously Maintained Coaches - Accredited and insured

We want to make sure everyone of our holiday tour coaches is Safe, fastidiously maintained Coaches - 67 stringent point checklist. Naturally, our coaches are Accredited and comprehensively Insured, because we want you feel safe and comfortable .. no worry touring, you just have to enjoy exploring Australia with us :)

We pride ourselves on having fastidiously maintained coaches and buses for hire in Sydney. Everyone of our luxury Holiday Coach Tour Buses has a documented maintenance program which includes

Daily vehicle inspections that include pre-trip inspections to a standard appropriate to an experienced driver of that general type of vehicle. The purpose of the pre-trip inspection is to identify any defect, no matter how small in a vehicle that would reduce any public safety or would substantially reduce passenger comfort.

The reporting and clearing of defects - including a system for ensuring the repairs are completed before the vehicle is returned to service.

Maintenance schedule for each Coach Hire Bus - at a level comparable to the manufacturer's maintenance schedule for the Coach Hire Bus.

Daily inspections

The daily inspections are performed and recorded either by the driver, operator or a person authorised by the operator. The checks include ...

fluid levels (eg. engine oil, fuel, coolant, brake)

operation and effectiveness of the brakes

effectiveness of the steering

sound warning device (horn)

stability and operation of rear vision mirrors

inspection of tyres, wheels, lights, signs, number plates, OA number, specialist equipment.

inspect windscreen for cleanliness and defects

general condition and cleanliness of vehicle interior - this requirement applies to scheduled services to all our hire buses

all external doors (i.e luggage compartment/bins, engine bay compartment) on the vehicle are closed and securely fastened.

The maintenance program is designed to make sure you are not inconvenienced while touring with us, in a safe and trouble free manner.

the best coach tours

 join ‘our family’ exploring Australia, book a coach tour with Mary and Brian 

We know you will enjoy touring Australia,  Mary and Brian have made many friends on our tours, they are now a part of the ‘family’ … you are welcome to join our friendly group on the best holiday coach tours, exploring Australia … you’ll be in the best company.

Mary and Brian reward you every time you book a Holiday Coach Tour with them

Mary and Brian really appreciate you touring Australia with them, and over the years, they have had many people become regular travellers … and they felt they should be rewarded. It all started when Brian asked Diana, one of our special ‘family’, if she thought the idea of  ‘Holiday Coach Tourist’ points would be a good idea.  She agreed it was a good idea, and so the HCTourists Point system to reward our ‘tourists’ was born.


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