Handy Tips for Coach Travel

packing tips for coach tours for seniors nswPreparing for your holiday coach tour will make sure you will have a comfortable pleasant journey. Comfort should form the basis of your preparation of your coach tour experience so that you will arrive feeling refreshed ready to enjoy the day.

Here are some handy tips when preparing for your coach tour. Packing your hand luggage … consider packing something to eat and drink, a book or magazine to read. Make sure that these items in your hand luggage are small enough to fit in the overhead on-board storage space.

Camera, or your smart phone, Selfie-stick (not essential but handy). Sunglasses, Sunscreen and lip balm , Hand sanitizer , Tissues 

Be on time –

  • Be ready at least 15 minutes prior to pick up
  • Arrive at coach 5-10 minutes prior to departure times during the course of the tour

Bring some entertainment with you

  • Bring a book to read
  • When using electronic devices or phone have them on silent
  • Bring a hand craft – knitting, crochet, sewing – it creates a conversation

Pack items of daily use in your handbag or day bag

  • Tablets, hearing aid case (you should be wearing the hearing aids) band aids and other first aid items
  • Reading and sunglasses
  • Sun lotion, hand sanitizer, mask, hat, tissues
  • Whom to contact in emergency note
  • Water
  • Money, cards, camera, phone, phone charger

Stow items in overhead racks

  • Walking shoes
  • Spray jacket
  • Umbrella
  • Coat in winter
  • The coach is cool so if you get cold easily bring a light blanket

Don’t over pack

  • Bring a small to medium size bag
  • Tours dress code is smart casual, no need to dress up for dinner
  • You will need to lift your bag at home and in your room, don’t make it heavy
  • No need to pack your coat you will be wearing it or keep it in the coach racks

A positive Attitude

  • Strangers are Friends you haven’t met yet
  • Leave your worries behind
  • If you use a walking stick or walker at home, bring it with you

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