Holiday Coach Tourists … your reward for travelling with us

The points can be used for our 1 and 2 day Special Tours or take $150.00 off the price of a tour

Every time you book and pay for a seat on one of our Australian Coach Tours you will be rewarded with points.

You get 1 Reward Point per Person, every day you tour after joining

So, if you come on one of our 1 day Tours, you would receive … 1 point per person,

and if you join our 10 day Tassie Holiday Coach Tour,  you would receive … 10 points per person.
How Long Can I Keep My Points ?
Your points will stay with you as long as you are a current member of the Holiday Coach Tourist Club. To be current you must come on a Tour or book a group at least once in a 24 month period.

Can I Transfer My Points?
Yes, as long as that person is a member of the Holiday Coach Tourist Club. You can combine your partners points or as a group can combine their points to gift a Holiday Coach Tour to a person or a couple.

How Can I Receive Extra Points?
If you organise a bus from Holiday Coach Tours for your work’s Social Group … you will receive points. Another example is if you organise a group to go on one of Holiday Coach Tours, you would receive 1 point per paying person, except if they are a member of the Holiday Coach Tourist Club and wish to claim the points for themselves.
When Do I Start Collecting The Points?
As soon as you join the club, you start collecting points towards your next Tour. If you are on a 2, 4, or 9 day Tour the points start the day after joining.

How Do I Become a Club Member?
All you need to do is to come on one of our Tours and fill in the Holiday Coach Tourist Club Application Form.

Terms And Conditions
•   Points cannot be redeemed for money.
•   Points can only be use for 1 and 2 day Tours.
•   A limited number of seats on each Tour will be allocated for points.
•   Your points will be shown on your next Club letter.
•   These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.
•   15 points will reward you with a free seat on one of our special 1 day Tour
•   28 points will reward you with a free seat on one of our special 2 day Tours, and the single supplement fee applicable for that Tour will apply, or take $150 off the price of any tour.
You’ll be in the best company, when you book with Brian and Mary.

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